Thursday, August 31, 2006


My good friends over at Muttpop have posted some character sketches I did on the plane on the way out to Los Angels for Kathie's show at Copro Nason. One of the characters (Tequila), comes from their LUCHE LIBRE comic and toy line. If you aren't aware of these guys or their Luche Libre comic about to explode onto the market - you should be. Also go and check out Gobi's work - hands down, one of my favorite LUCHE LIBRE artists...


Recently I have been finding myself scheduling and creating custom tattoo designs for clients and collectors...(whenever I have a free moment between work and painting - lol.) The client's idea was cool and the design just "clicked".

This is just the sketch - 'line-work' and color to be posted soon...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Absolutely one of my favorite bands from Argentina...Anytime your able to mix El Dia De Los Muertos, morticians, Carnival, Matadors, and 60s Calypso/Ska - I'm all ears!!!


Over the past couple of months I have been preparing a large volume of work (paintings and sketches) for a book - it will cover both my wife's work - Kathie Olivas ( and myself.

We are working in collaboration with Murphy Design (Book Design and Publishing) - Murphy specializes in developing unique, one-of-a-kind, limited edition books that capture today's leading artists, illustrators and lifestyle movements. They have been behind many successful projects/ books (you may have seen them) - Jeff Soto, "Potato Stamp Dreams"...Joe Sorren, "When She was Camera", "In Celebration of Balance..."...and recently Jonathan Weiner's " Tranquil Aftermath".

We are leaning towards an early 2007 release. Stay tuned for more info and samples and info on special ultra-limited editions.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Gelaskins has released 2 different IPOD and NANO slip-case (skins) based on my work...


It's official - 3 of my character designs were accepted into the 'new' long-awaited 2006 PICTOPLASMA catalogue... 3rd volume in the encyclopaedia series - I really can't express how amazing this opportunity is, what an honor!!! One of the designs that was accepted "above" was done for 3D Retro an online toy store based on the West Coast. ("Retro" Robot design 2006 copyright. All rights reserved by 3D Retro)

For those that are unfamiliar with Pictoplasma or their encyclopaedia series: (from their site) The Pictoplasma Archives began in 1999 as an extensive inventory, collection and showcase of contemporary character design. With the countless images collected, pictoplasma examines the vast array of possibilities characters offer as signs of an independent graphical language. Pictoplasma is a curated public archive of the most daring and outstanding characters in a growing global network. As far as their publications - the first two pictoplasma publications became overnight bestsellers, now referred to as the “old and new testament of character visuals”. First printed in 2001 and 2003, the pictorial encyclopaedias focus on general tendencies and complex interrelations within contemporary character design.

The book should be available in most major book stores before the end of the year - will update with actual date soon!!!


Letter Pressed just released two new AS (Artist Series) cards - one for Brendan Monroe, titled: Blob Riders and one based on my Ink-Slinger #5 character "self titled"... see above

Ink: (Foil) silver
Card Paper Stock: Slight yellowed (vintage)
Envelope: Cool Gray w/ white chips

The Process: is based in applying (pressing) a foil into paper leaving a slight embossed look and feel - This "pressing" leaves the characteristic texture of letterpress, an indentation filled with ink just below the surface of the paper. The impression can be made from wooden, linoleum, or metal plates, and can be hand-pressed, or pulled through mechanically. This is how the first books were printed, and Letter Pressed is proud to be using the same techniques for their cards.

(not sure how many are left, but...) To order: single card ($5/card limit 3 per customer), or 5-card pack ($16/pack no limit) by emailing Letter Pressed. Shipping is included in the single card price.