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Well, it's been a bit of time since San Diego and for all of those who turned out - Thanks! Kathie and I work very hard to ensure fun and toys at as many events as possible and this year's 2009Dragon*Con is nothing short of that. In fact we have brought out the red carpet - it is the first year that Kathie and I will be publicly debuting our limited editions company that many of you are aware of... Circus Posterus. Not one, but two booths will house CP at Dragon*Con (Hyatt Regency / Grand Hall East / Booths BT1 & BT2) in the Comics and Pop Art Alley section of the event.

... and we have flown in many Circus Posterus' artists from all over the country that will be offering products that have never been available till now as well as signing and sketching sessions for all of them (***see schedule further below) - many from what I understand will also be providing possible sketch commissions (come to the booth for more info - a few slots during the event - each artist has their own pricing guidelines.)

During the whole course of the event and at each artists sketch and signing session we will offer their exclusive Dragon*Con editions or debut projects... (*see Below)

From what I know... This is what the gang is bringing... (subject to change)

KOBP: Original paintings, original sketches, our book - 'GHOSTS AND MARTYRS', T-Shirts, toys & Sculptures (both licensed and our own produced - 20 will be at event) + CP prints... including *NEW editions...
S&C Christian: Original works, original sketches, stickers, T-Shirts, Sas Book - 'LOOKING IN', Colin's Toy and self produced firecracker Mini head (10 will be at event), Sas' *NEW CP 2009 Postcard Set + CP prints from both artists... including new editions...
Chris Ryniak: Toys (Freyja sculptures at event: TBD), stickers, His new *Self Published book - 'SHADOWS IN THE PERIPHERY', and postcard sets + CP prints... including *NEW editions...
Travis Louie: His new book from Baby Tattooville - 'CURIOSITIES', *NEW CP 2009 Postcard Set + CP prints... including *NEW editions...

***** CP will be playing host as well to Mark Murphy who will be flying in for the event (Moderating an amazing Lowbrow panel) and many of his books will be on sale at the CP booth - He will also will be showing his brand new documentary at dragon*con: Scribble.08 featuring: Joe Sorren, Jeff Soto, Camille Rose Garcia, Tim Biskup and the clayton Brothers : Music by Ukefink, MANUOK, Joe Sorren & Tim Biskup. This is an amazing opportunity to see this killer piece, if you didn't make it to San Diego ComiCon this past year.

and much more...



Travis Louie: Friday, September 4 (1 PM) // 1 hour
Chris Ryniak: Friday, September 4 (3 PM) // 1 hour
Sas and Colin Christian: Saturday, September 5 (12:30 PM) // 1 hour
Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters: Sunday, September 6 (11:00 AM * Updated) // 1 hour


DIVINYL - The Brilliance of Art Toys: Voltaire, Tara McPherson, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Dok A, Chris Ryniak -- Saturday, September 5 - Time: 4 PM (Hanover F) / 1 hour

LOWBROW LOWDOWN - The Future of Lowbrow: Baby Tattooville, Alex Pardee, Sas Christian, Colin christian, Travis Louie, Chris Ryniak, Warner, HC -- Saturday, September 5 - Time: 5:30 PM (Hanover F) / 1 hour .......... *****SPECIAL GUEST MODERATOR: Mark Murphy of Murphy design

FEMININE WILES - The women of 'Pop' Art: Tara Mcpherson, Kathie Olivas, Amanda Conner -- Sunday, September 6 - Time: 1 PM (Hanover F) / 1 hour

PECULIAR MEMORIES - The Timeless Art of Days Unpast: Brandt Peters & Dok A -- Sunday, September 6 - Time: 4 PM (Hanover F) / 1 hour


Kidrobot, will be hosting their DUNNY 2009 SERIES Pre-Release Party (DUNNY*FEST) on Friday, September, September 4 at 8:30 pm (*****at the Regency Hotel / 1 hour). There will be many guests that are in the series this year (yours truly) including a host of other off the planet friggin' insanely nutty amazing designers: Tara Mcpherson. Huck Gee Toy Baroness, Dok A, Sket One and many more - we will all be sketching and signing!!! Stop by and try and pick up my chase design (1/100) for the 2009 series!!!

Oh yeah, and there's an evening Aquarium party, Rivet Gallery, A Zombie Ho-down, Trader Vics for Mai Tais, Live Art, The most amazing costumes, EVER, alcohol, Voltaire, Toys, Steam Punk goggles, cleavage and cosplay... San Diego CC has NOTHING on this event!

Were also taking Credit Cards this year and the ever popular cash... :D (VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVERY only)

see ya there!


Blogger Hans said...

Hey Brandt,
Looks like a schweet line-up and I'm sure it was a success. Let me know when you guys will be back in L.A.:)


2:10 AM  
Blogger Ciocan Aioanei said...

i love love love you artwork and ttoys like hell, but you're not available in romania and that is sooooo sad :( but i keep follow your work and keep the good work :) best of luck from Romania!!!!

5:41 PM  
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