Thursday, October 25, 2007


(*****Great news - The MINDstyle release of Slap-Happy! and Mr. Muggles was covered by International magazine Toy Shop. - Read Below...)

MINDstyle: Brandt Peters' Signature Series Slap Happy and Mr. Muggles

Slap Happy and Mr. Muggles sound like it should be some kind of Polka band, but no, it’s a new release from Brandt Peters through the great new vinyl company, MINDStyle.

Starting with a beautifully painted, high-quality box that is becoming a trademark of MINDstyle, you are treated to the immediate feel of an old-time carnival. You know, they kind with the carnies that do awful things to you in the haunted house. Open it up and glimpse the monochromatic figures, and the feeling is only heightened.

The figures have a very strong design to them. They have lines that can be almost Disney-like. They have a cartoonish feel that looks like it came right out of Steam Boat Willie, but another quality that makes it looks like it comes out of an acid-induced nightmare.

I’m talking about the fact that the cute little dog and carnival barker have skulls for faces. Sure, they are smiling, and they are both wearing hats. You can’t be evil with a hat, right? But black holes where the eyes should be definitely make you wonder.

The eyes are just an example of how well Brandt uses color, even in the black-and-white format. The rest of the figure's shades are friendly and look like old-style animation. It’s the eyes that pierce through it all, but in the end, they still have a cute overtone. Check them out and see for yourself.

(Here's the direct link.)