Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Letter Pressed just released two new AS (Artist Series) cards - one for Brendan Monroe, titled: Blob Riders and one based on my Ink-Slinger #5 character "self titled"... see above

Ink: (Foil) silver
Card Paper Stock: Slight yellowed (vintage)
Envelope: Cool Gray w/ white chips

The Process: is based in applying (pressing) a foil into paper leaving a slight embossed look and feel - This "pressing" leaves the characteristic texture of letterpress, an indentation filled with ink just below the surface of the paper. The impression can be made from wooden, linoleum, or metal plates, and can be hand-pressed, or pulled through mechanically. This is how the first books were printed, and Letter Pressed is proud to be using the same techniques for their cards.

(not sure how many are left, but...) To order: single card ($5/card limit 3 per customer), or 5-card pack ($16/pack no limit) by emailing Letter Pressed. Shipping is included in the single card price.


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